How to Improve Your Memory Skills and Stay Sharp No Matter How Old You Are.

Many people have resigned themselves to being forgetful in some form or fashion. They think that this is just the way they are wired. "I just can't remember names" or "I'm terrible with remembering directions" - those are quite common. Perhaps you have even said something similar? Stop saying it or even thinking it! Every time you think something like that, you are actually reinforcing it in your psyche and making it even more likely for you to forget things.

Unless you have some form of brain damage or organic cognitive impairment, there is no such thing as being born with a bad memory. We all have the same sections to our brains and they all work the same way. If you have a poor memory, more than likely it is from lack of training. Yes, you really can train your brain and improve your memory skills and we're going to talk about some of those ways here.

You can do brain exercises to improve your memory that are entertaining as well as stretching your mind. Everyone should be doing several hours of mental activity each day in order to stretch and tone our brains but it doesn't have to be boring. After all, we're not in school any more so we can choose what we put into our minds and brains. Choose something that you find interesting and you will be entertained while you are exercising.

Word puzzles to improve your memory are fun for many people. There is such a huge variety of types of puzzles that it is really hard to get bored. Crossword puzzles, word search, fill-ins and logic problems are just a few of the most popular word puzzles. The key is to increase the difficulty of the puzzles as time goes on, just as you add weight to your physical strength training.

Brian games help improve your memory, too. Examples of these include games like Trivial Pursuit or any quiz type of game, Scattergories and even Tabu. Another one that is great for visual learners would be Pictionary where you need to draw the clues. Whether drawing or trying to guess, you will be using your brain in a creative and different way than normally.

Make a point to learn something new every day. This is another way to exercise your brain as you try to process, absorb and store this new information within your memory. Learning new things is a lot more fun as an adult because you get to choose what to learn about or what to do. If you have always had an interest in learning Spanish, now is a great time to pick up a book or a course and work on learning to speak a new language. More musically inclined? How about teaching yourself to play the piano instead?

There are so many things that you can do to help improve your memory skills and keep your brain functioning as it should. The key is to start now – no matter what your age, you can maintain a sharp memory or even regain what you may have lost.

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